About Us

Open Circle are excited to be part of the fundamental changes going on in the publishing world. Many long established customs and practices are being challenged and the very nature of the industry has changed forever. Open Circle’s approach is to take nothing for granted and to be open to whatever comes along.

The idea of Open Circle Publishing came at the Harrogate Crime Festival in 2012. We were looking at publishing options and it was clear that the industry was changing rapidly. One man, Stephen Leather, impressed us with his grasp of what was needed to create and sell books in the modern era so we approached him for help. Not only did he offer initial advice on the concept and practicalities of setting up our publishing business but he has remained a steadfast supporter ever since. His knowledge and experience have made Open Circle possible.

Stephen is a very successful thriller writer who is published by Hodder and also self-publishes. www.stephenleather.com

He has always been very supportive of his fellow writers and, through Open Circle, is keen to offer practical help to both new writers and those who need to adapt to the changing times.

Open Circle offers a mix of conventional publishing with author services.

At Open Circle, we love paper books but we also love reading on any device.

Our paper books are sustainably sourced and are printed on demand which we believe is the most environmentally responsible way. Being kind to the planet and each other is a big part of the Open Circle philosophy.

We are here to connect readers with good writers and their books. We are also here to encourage writers to become better and assist them by producing a quality product which is also well edited and beautifully presented.


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