Author Services

At Open Circle, we understand both digital and print publishing and have decided to offer our services, on a paid basis, to authors who feel we’re appropriate for them.

What we can offer goes something like this.

You send your manuscript to us in Word format. We consider your book carefully, and itemise the services we believe are necessary to bring it to the marketplace with the best chance of good sales. We give you a price. If you say yes, the following is what we usually provide.


  • Assign the book an ISBN Number
  • Register the book with Nielsen BookData. (The Nielsen BookData Information service provides comprehensive, enriched and timely bibliographic data worldwide. There is a range of information services for booksellers, libraries and publishers in 100 countries around the world)
  • Adapt the file for ebook conversion
  • Produce an ebook cover design
  • Produce metadata (this is information that helps people find your book)
  • Produce a blurb for Amazon and/or the back cover
  • Upload the book to ebook retailers
  • Produce a print-ready pdf for print book production
  • Produce a print book cover design
  • Supply 25 copies of the print book to you
  • Arrange for you to buy further copies at cost (currently about £3.50 each plus post and packing for a 70,000 word novel)
  • Arrange for the book to be distributed on a Print on Demand basis through a major distributor



A typical price for the package outlined above is about £1,000 but it will depend on the size and complexity of the book and individual requirements.

You get paid 80% of any royalties earned. We look after the financial admin for you, which can get to be onerous if you’re selling off many different platforms. So you receive one regular payment from one source and a full list of sales per platform. 


We reserve the right not to take on every manuscript we’re offered. We have limited capacity and, for our authors’ sakes, want to focus on books that have a good chance of selling well.

We don’t accept books that have not been professionally edited. This is in your interest: we don’t want you to waste your money on publishing before your book has been given the best chance of success in the marketplace. We also don’t want to associate the Open Circle name with unedited work; that’s not in the interests of any of our authors.

If you’ve not worked with an editor, we will include professional editing in the package we offer you.

It’s very important to understand that our acceptance of your book for our publishing service does not mean that we think it will definitely sell. Selling books is not easy. What sells and what doesn’t can’t be predicted, but if your book is produced professionally and made easy to find, you give it the best possible chance.

Sales and marketing

You are responsible for selling your own books. However, we will give you expert marketing guidance and put you in touch with people we recommend who provide book-marketing services.

We can provide postcards and bookmarks for promotional use, should you wish.

Unsure the service is for you?

We won’t pretend that you can’t do much of this yourself, and find your own book cover designers, print book supplier and editors too. Of course you can. But it may be quicker and easier for us to do it for you. We’re experienced in the publishing process and work with experienced professionals we know we can rely on to provide a good quality service at a competitive price. We also have the advantage of established relationships with printers and distributors.

This leaves you free to focus on the sales and marketing of your book – and writing your next. 


Your first step to publishing with Open Circle is to send us the following:

Your manuscript

Your author biography (about one page)

A synopsis of your book (up to two pages)

A brief statement about why you want to be published

These should be sent electronically in either Word or pdf form to

We’re interested in publishing new writers as well as those with a track record and a ‘backlist.’ Fiction of any genre will be considered, as well as non-fiction. Submissions must comply with our content guidelines.

Our appraisal is free of charge and, if we wish to make a publishing offer, we will send a quotation tailored to your book.  Prices will be based on your submission and the services which we think you would benefit most from.


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