Where’s Jenny Parker?

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I believe that setting is important for a novel. It can help add a feeling of authenticity to the story and provide a solid backdrop for the action. As a writer, I can immerse myself more easily in places I know. That’s why Jenny Parker is in the centre of Manchester to begin with, working as an accountant in a modern glass and metal building. Her life is difficult enough as a working mother but further complicated by an affair with her boss, Martin, who’s apartment is conveniently close to their office. This, unfortunately, is as good as it gets for Jenny. Things soon change for the worse. They say that you are never more than a few metres away from a rat. In similar fashion, the nice, comfortable, safe parts of Manchester are very close to the bleak, dangerous ones. And that’s where Jenny soon finds herself, fighting for …

djharrison99Where’s Jenny Parker?

Point of View

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          People ask me what changed between the unpublishable Technical Difficulties and the very successful Due Diligence.   Two things.   First, me. I changed. By the time I’d finished Due Diligence I’d written four complete novels. I’d also attended weeks of writing retreats, attended regular writers circle meetings and been on plenty of writing courses.   The second big change is point of view.   The ‘hero’ in TD was offhand, jokey, unaware and didn’t develop with the story. He was exactly the same at the end of his epic 250,000 word adventure as he was on the first page. I wrote in third person and past tense, keeping a fair distance away. This meant there was less chance of a reader to making an emotional attachment.   I decided to change point of view into one much closer and more challenging. If I’m not …

djharrison99Point of View

Limited Liability

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I’m finishing off my third crime thriller, Limited Liability, at the moment. It has to be the best novel I’ve ever written. I’m not just saying that out of misplaced arrogance, it has to be. It’s required. I need it to be. My editor is being even more demanding than usual. Let me explain why. My first novel, a SF thriller called Technical Difficulties was written in 2007/8. I had at last found a writing process that worked for me and was able to wean myself off crap telly to make time to write. For years (and years and years) I’d tried to write on a keyboard but I spent too much time tinkering and editing, fiddling about, changing the font, the appearance, anything to avoid writing what I wanted to. In 2007 I started to write with a fountain pen. I just wrote and wrote. When I had a …

djharrison99Limited Liability