We insist that books we publish are professionally copy-edited

We believe that no book should be published that hasn’t been professionally copy-edited. Copy-editing distinguishes authors who take their work seriously. It allows others to take it seriously too – your readers and reviewers, and even agents and traditional publishers.

A book that hasn’t been copy-edited (and we include line-editing within that process), despite the author’s best intentions is inevitably full of flaws: repetition, anachronisms, inaccuracies and faults in logic as well as in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Good editing will help the flow of the book and eradicate clumsy sentence construction. It also ensures consistency throughout.

Readers are used to books that are traditionally published, where editing is an integral part of the process. As a result, they subconsciously expect books they’ve paid for to demonstrate a high standard of editing. When this is not the case, they quickly switch off however good the actual story, because stumbling across typos, questionable facts and rickety prose seriously hinders the reading process. Not only will they stop reading, disillusioned readers will also leave bad reviews or no reviews at all, they won’t buy any more of that writer’s work and they won’t recommend it to friends. All three actions are crucial to the author who hopes to sell more than a handful of books.

We provide copy-editing at rates which depend on the size and complexity of the manuscript, typically in the range £12 to £15 per 1,000 words.

We will give you a firm price on receipt of your manuscript.


What about structural editing?

Structural editing is where books are given professional help regarding pace, narrative arc, characterisation, story and writing style. Again, a traditional publisher would include this editing as part of the process, before copy-editing, and we do recommend it. However, we don’t insist on it before publishing as we do with copy-editing.

If you would like a quote for this please tell us when submitting your manuscript.

What if I’ve already had my work professionally edited?

Please tell us when submitting the manuscript. Our editors will then assess it and, if it meets our standards, we will omit this stage in our publication process.